the landings formation focuses on project-based performances curated through collaborations with active + emerging artists including (but not limited to) movement, multimedia + fine art. 


have an idea in mind + want to collaborate?





additionally, within the landings sector lives the artist fund. this program operates solely on donations + grants. as artists, we understand the struggle of having access to larger budgets to fulfill a vision. the aim of the fund is to give makers a peace of mind by funding as much of their project as possible. to keep momentum going in the cycle of art progression; every event curated by bone velvet donates a portion of the proceeds to the artist fund. 

bone velvet values working intimately with makers in each customized experience by sourcing research/rehearsal + showcase/performance space; assisting in sourcing materials + props; providing a production team if needed; and assisting in all curatorial needs based on the project. 

in order to be considered for funding, all artists + makers must apply online through the application process (coming soon!).







bone velvet arts formation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. all donations are tax deductible.